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Waltz Away
#185. Bay TB Filly. Star, minimum white on rear feet. Appx. 15.1 - 2 hands. Unbroke. This is a very nice little filly that just needs a chance to be the best she can be. She deserves her own home with a person willing to take the time to teach her. Papers will go to new owner. Foaled 5/31/97

. By Runaway Roberto
Waltz Away (#9733675)
. Out of Bakersfiled By Dance In Time

Lisa's report this evening stated that Waltz Away hopped right in the trailer to go to her new home and started munching hay! She also hopped right off this little girl! We will be waiting to hear the updates!



Waltz Away is doing well, I get the most wonderful compliments on her. Even my sporthorse friends and barn manager think she has the best uphill conformation of any TB they've seen. She has matured into a beautiful young mare. We have started ground work and will be starting under saddle this winter after her "step-sister", Allie, is finished under saddle. That shouldn't take too long as we went for a 40 minute trail ride today on her third lesson under saddle with a rider ever. I love my little ladies.


Waltz Away is doing wonderfully! She has shed out to a beautiful mahogany bay with the most striking points! She has spent the winter playing and filling out and just being spoiled. She looks lovely, and I have gotten nothing but compliments on her personality, gait, and conformation from everyone. She is now pastured with my Arabian filly, both girls turn four years at the end of May, and they love each others company. You can often find them eating muzzle to muzzle.


I totally love my little girl, she is such a dear, I think she will be easy to work with. She let me pull cactus stickers out of her face yesterday without a halter on. I just cradled her head in my arms and gently plucked them out. She stood quietly and relaxed, she must of known I was trying to help. I think she is learning to like all this attention. The vet was out a few days ago to give her all of her shots. He thought she was put together absolutely wonderfully, he thought she was built like a QH but I have her TB papers! ) He says she is designed to move up under herself with a good hock angle and rounded haunch. He thinks I did incredibly well picking her out and couldn't believe she was at a feedlot, he figured she must of just slid through the cracks. He said she will do wonderfully in any discipline. He was right about her movement, geez! She does her little extended trot all the time, and I have seen her pull a smart sliding stop. She is just wonderful.


Waltz Away is an absolute dream. I checked out her conformation and I couldn't fault her on anything. Very typey hunter conformation. She is shorter, 15.1 maybe. She is very cute. She trotted around while we tried to catch her and she has a HUGE suspended trot. Very airy for a TB. Waltz Away is in decent weight right now, but her front hooves are long and flat. She was a bit evasive hiding behind her buddy the chestnut TB/WB. (This was ACE). When we finally got her cornered my friend walked right up, pet her head and haltered her. She leads wonderfully, and then get this, she just stepped up into the trailer like she'd always done this. She turned around and just looked at us as if to say, "what are you waiting for?" She then settled right in. When we got home after the 2 hour ride she had hardly sweated. She bounced out and calmly looked around, then we let her into the arena. Her trot is AMAZING! She extends all the time and it has Arab like suspension to it and she just arches her neck low and in hunter form and just prances around. She leads like a pro, never pulling, always staying right where she is supposed to, moving off when asked. Then I groomed her out, you have to move slowly, I don't think anyone has ever done a whole lot with her. Everything is so new, but she is always calm about it. And she is a young one, getting into everything! But she is just so sweet. All my friends at the stables love her. The farrier said that "(you) done good." He isn't a man of many words but he liked her very much and thought she would make an awesome hunter. He couldn't get her totally trimmed, she wasn't totally cooperative, but he got her cleaned up a bit. He said she has the strongest hooves for any TB he has seen (he has numerous H/J clientele), he doesn't think I will ever have to shoe her. But he just loves how she is put together and her disposition. The night I got her here I groomed out her matted mane and brushed off the dust, she stood quietly and relaxed seeming to enjoy the attention. She nuzzled me and my friends. She just had to get a hold of everything, as soon as I set the dandy brush down she grabbed it and was shaking it up and down. Then she intentionally dumped over the grooming box and didn't even scare herself. Her coat is a mahogany bay, her mane and tail long and sleek, her eyes are kind and she has those lovely markings.

I let her out in the arena last night and she hit that wonderful trot again, she just floated around bathed in the glare of the arena lights. Her neck was elegantly arched like a dressage horse on a long rein. Then she let loose and ran, she has that speed her breed is known for too. I just love her sweet personality, if she gets upset she settles down and relaxes immediately after it is over. She has a natural curiosity and is so lovely. I am thrilled with her!



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