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Received a message from another rescue and Riverside County Department of Animal Conrol: "Quarter Horse gelding, 20 years old at least who needs placement. Must be out by tomorrow. The horse is not sound but appears to be comfortable and is friendly. Do you have room for this guy?"

Unfortunately for Older Horses, quite often their chances of placement due to age, infirmities, etc. are slim. We know that the needs of older horses usually mean an increase in costs due to nutritional necessities (pelleted feed, senior feed, supplements), farrier & vet care. BUT...horses like these have spent a lifetime giving to humans. When we can, at the very least, we feel that we should give back to them.

Hello Charlie! We are pretty sure you have a whole lot of loving left in you! Welcome to TIER


2/22/2018 - A Gal of His Own!

Charlie is one of those horses that seem to get along well with other horses.  Since he needs to move around a bit more, it was decided that we would put him in with Ruby Too .  Ruby is also one of those horses that seems to get along well with other horses, so it looked like a good match up.  Now, Charlie has a Gal of his very own!

11/16/2017 - HE'S HERE!

The Golden Guy has arrived!  When we opened the doors on the trailer and got our first glimpse of Charlie, my heart was a little sad for him.  He was shaking and wide eyed.  Poor little guy was in a strange place, not knowing what was coming next.

He JUMPED off the trailer, immediately started neighing to announce his arrival and seemed to be searching for a familiar voice.  On the walk to his new temporary quarters he made several nervous stops, but with a little encouragement he continued on.

Something is not quite right with his left hind foot and he favors it quite a bit.  He has obviously not been underfed, but we were told this hasn't always been the case.

He new neighbors, donkettes Jackie and Belle, didn't seem to bother him at all. That was a relief, because as unsettled as he was upon arrival, we sure didn't want to add to his nervousness should he be one of those horses that are uncomfortable/afraid of donkeys.

We gave him a couple flakes of hay and he immediately began eating to soothe himself.  He did appreciate a couple hugs, neck & chest rubs. 

Once he is settled in a bit, we will take a better look at that left hind hoof/ankle.  His feet look good, but I don't know what the soles of his hooves look like yet.  Will check those out tomorrow and the farrier is scheduled for early next week unless something major is going on underneath.



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