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The Ad read: Deadline: 04/09/19
12 year old gelding. 15.1 hands. Very gentle and broke to ride. Hes been used on a ranch in east Texas.

Destined to be shipped to slaughter. He, like so many others, did not deserve this fate. He sat in the "Ship Pen" waiting to be loaded with others on a journey of unimaginable horror, fear, confusion and ultimately a cruel death.

TIER was contacted by one of our supporters who said they could pay the ransom and transport to Quarentine if TIER could cover costs of Quarentine, transport to TIER. They sent his pictures to us begging us to take him. 2 hours before his scheduled "LAST RIDE", his ransom was paid and arrangements made for transport to Quarentine.

His new name is Clyde.


4/11/2019 - Out of the Feedlot and Safe at QT

Woo Hoo!  Clyde left the Ship Pen!  He loaded nicely and then escaped because he had not been tied in the trailer.  He just pushed the heavy door open and went for a stroll!  He was easily caught and loaded once more.  At least we know he loads & unloads well!  HA!

He arrived at the Quarantine facility and promptly began eating.  He does have a bit of a runny nose and the Vet will be out on Thursday to evaluate him.  In the meantime, he is being started on Uniprim (antibiotic).



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