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The Ad read: Deadline: 04/09/19
12 year old gelding. 15.1 hands. Very gentle and broke to ride. Hes been used on a ranch in east Texas.

Destined to be shipped to slaughter. He, like so many others, did not deserve this fate. He sat in the "Ship Pen" waiting to be loaded with others on a journey of unimaginable horror, fear, confusion and ultimately a cruel death.

TIER was contacted by one of our supporters who said they could pay the ransom and transport to Quarentine if TIER could cover costs of Quarentine, transport to TIER. They sent his pictures to us begging us to take him. 2 hours before his scheduled "LAST RIDE", his ransom was paid and arrangements made for transport to Quarentine.

His new name is Clyde.

Kind, easy to be around, with a big motor who likes to cover the ground. He can be intimidating for novice but would work for a confident intermediate rider.


1/3/2020 - Clyde arrives at TIER!

Clyde arrived yesterday afternoon AFTER he got a spa day from Richard! Ha! Of course, he settled right in. The only hollering that went on was from 34 yr. old Mariah when she first met him. He wasn't upset or too worried and son began eating. He rolled a bit later, but didn't come close to looking muddy and neglected like his TIER buddies.

We are so very grateful to Linda & Richard for taking such excellent care of him physically, mentally and loving him. Hopefully, week after next we will have Travis Johnson evaluate him. He was already evaluated at his Foster Home, but we would like to check him out for ourselves. CLYDE, Welcome to TIER!

1/1/2020 - Happy New Year! Clyde is coming to TIER!

Smooth Ride Clyde will arrive at TIER tomorrow!  We are so very grateful to Linda Lyons East & Richard East for fostering this boy.  He came out of a killpen in Texas unsure of what was to come next.  He was thin and alone.  Kathy Brooks Lake provided him with excellent care and personal attention while he was in quarantine.  He then went to Arizona to be fostered by Linda & Richard.  There he received love, attention, skills evaluation (he has a BIG engine and likes to move out), farrier & dental care. 

We cannot thank Linda & Richard enough for all they have given to this well trained boy.  I know how very hard it is for them to let him go.  Clyde's abilities and those of his Foster Parents were a bit different.  Linda & Richard made the heart wrenching decision to send him to TIER where we hope his special someone will materialize.  We are very excited to meet Clyde in person and welcome him to TIER.  After some settling in, Clyde will be available for adoption to an experienced horse person who will love and care for him for the rest of his days!

10/4/2019 - Feed Me!

From Clyde's Foster Mom, Linda:  No matter how much hay is in the feeders already he'll wait by the fence sure that I'm holding the good stuff for last!

TIER:  It doesn't appear that he is lacking any feed to us!  Thanks Linda & Richard for taking such good care of this lovely boy!

8/22/2019 - I am a GEM!

Smooth-Ride-Clyde, after being on Previcox for a week for his arthritis, has a willingness to trot out a little. He is still super sweet and loves to please. Next, his trainer will work on his neck and shoulders relaxing. Coming along!!!

From Foster Mom Linda:  Clyde is more handsome everyday! I spent time grooming him this morning and then watched while he had a training session.

Then he got to go hang out in the pasture with other horses. As always he was a perfect gentleman!

5/23/2019 - Saw the vet in Arizona

5/22/2019 UPDATE from Clyde's Foster Parents: Clydes appointment went great! Fecal was clear, no stiffness in legs. He does have a slight fungus at the base of his mane but that's easily treated. Vet thinks based on his teeth (which are in good shape) that he's right around 15.

He didn't care for the shots but as always, he was a perfect gentleman. 

5/20/2019 - Healing

Clyde was rescued from the Kill Pen on 4/9/2019, 1 month/12 days ago.  He arrived at Linda & Richard's lovely Prairie Rose Ranch 18 days ago.  Quality care and attention was provided by Kathy Brooks Lake while he was in quarantine.  Safe and loving transport was provided by Marlene Dodge,.He KNOWS deep inside himself that he is safe, loved, fed, cared for and has new equine friends (small and large) which is healing him mentally, physically and spiritually by Linda & Richard.

TIER - True Innocents Equine Rescue is forever grateful for the wonderful people that horses like Clyde have brought into our circle of FRIENDS & supporters.  It is because of these people that horses like Clyde have a chance.  A chance that is well deserved and a long time coming.  Thank you all.

5/14/2019 - Met with the little ones & had my feet done!

Clyde is doing great at his foster home in Arizona!  He's putting on weight and adjusting well to his new surroundings, people and his new mini friends.

Clyde saw the farrier today for a trim! He was such a good boy. Our farrier said he was in good shape feet-wise and with the good hay and supplements he'll be great.

Later I groomed him and walked around a bit with him. Tried to get a video of him but he sticks to me like glue. He's like Missy in that he doesn't need you to hold the lead rope, just lay it around his neck and he'll follow.
5/4/2019 - I am Handsome

I am Handsome!  My Foster parents (Linda & Richard) told me so!

From Foster Mom...Linda:  "Looking handsome in his new fly mask. He's eating and drinking and had no problem getting the fly mask on. "

4/26/2019 - Adventure on the Steps

From Kathy who runs the best QT facility in that part of Texas: "Turned Clyde out behind the guest house while I stripped his stall today. It's a small square yard. He wasn't in the yard when I went to get him but the gate was still locked. Found him on the back steps."

We are pleased to see he has an adventurous spirit and a sense of humor!

4/22/2019 - 11 days after leaving the Kill Pen

Clyde is doing well at the Quarentine facility thanks to Kathy's excellent care.  Still a bit of a damp nose, and we are continuing the Uniprim for a few more days.  He has put on weight and is rounding out a bit.  His eyes don't look as worried now either!

4/11/2019 - Out of the Feedlot and Safe at QT

Woo Hoo!  Clyde left the Ship Pen!  He loaded nicely and then escaped because he had not been tied in the trailer.  He just pushed the heavy door open and went for a stroll!  He was easily caught and loaded once more.  At least we know he loads & unloads well!  HA!

He arrived at the Quarantine facility and promptly began eating.  He does have a bit of a runny nose and the Vet will be out on Thursday to evaluate him.  In the meantime, he is being started on Uniprim (antibiotic).



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